A pooled genetic screen simulator

Pooled screens are very useful, but it is difficult to select all of the necessary parameters a priori. This work aims to explore the importance of various screen parameters and the relevance of design choices on the downstream analysis and interpretation.


To run the simulation, you will need a recent version of Julia installed and in your PATH. Then navigate into the root directory of the project and run julia. Run the following command:

$ julia -e 'Pkg.update(); Pkg.add("Crispulator")'

this copies Crispulator over to the Julia package directory and installs all of its dependencies. Note the $ just represents the prompt, you don't need to type it. Make sure to run the tests and verify that everything is passing

$ julia -e 'Pkg.test("Crispulator")'


For most simple cases, no writing of Julia code is necessary. See the Tutorial for using Crispulator in this manner.


See the Custom Simulations for a step-by-step guide to writing a custom simulation on top of Crispulator. Additionally, the Simulation Internals page has in-depth documentation needed for more advanced usage