Pure-Julia TIFF reader and writer with a focus on correctness 🧐

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) is a notoriously flexible file format that is very difficult to support properly so why not just link libtiff and call it a day? Because Julia developers are greedy. I wanted to design a clean, minimal, and standards-compliant TIFF reader and writer that can have the speed and compliance of libtiff while adding modern features like streaming, out-of-memory support, and fancy color support. I wanted to design it to be extensible such that packages like OMETIFF.jl can hook right in with minimal overhead. I wanted to leverage the wonderful Julia Arrays ecosystem to do as much lazily and flexibly as possible.


TiffImages.jl supports:

  • The TIFF 6.0 baseline spec
  • Thorough testing
  • HDR images stored as 32bit or 64bit floats
  • BigTIFFs
  • Memory-mapped and lazy loading/writing


Check out the examples to see how to use TiffImages.jl